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I help leaders of innovative B2B IoT & Tech companies who want to accelerate growth to develop and implement their GTM strategy

•  What you get: Objectivity. Straight-talk. Experience.
•  How it works: Process. Impact. Outcomes.

If you are a senior leader of a B2B IoT or Tech Company who wants to scale faster, Go To Market Consulting helps you to address the top four challenges that can stall success:

  • COMPLEXITY: Fast-moving market demands agility.
  • CONSTRAINTS: Identifying high-impact actions.
  • UNCERTAINTY: More predictable results.
  • COMPETITION: Differentiation and value creation.

Get more control
of your revenue growth.

go-to-market is not a high level, one-off process…

   …it is dynamic and requires an integrated strategy and operations framework”

Predictable Forecasts

to gain confidence in making the number.

Scalable Sales Process

to grow pipeline and  improve conversion.

Effective Structure

for a high-performance sales engine.

Focused Execution

to achieve business objectives.

Simplifying Go To Market for Tech

Based on your organisations vision and purpose, the Go To Market framework defines the strategy first and then the operational execution so that there is focus, clarity and alignment across all elements. Even in small companies, sales, marketing and product functions can get caught in their own worlds and drift into different directions.

To make all parts work together, alignment needs to be at both levels. This does not mean less ownership or more work. It means more efficiency and much more powerful market engagement. There are so many different definitions of what a Go-To-Market is. But there is never a cookie cutter that truly works. A powerful Go To Market comes from inside out

GTM is not a powerpoint deck that gets slowly out of date – it is the way in which a growth oriented organisation plans and operates -every day – in every customer interaction. 

Go To Market Consulting encodes over 30 years experience with more than 100 tech companies into the GTM Framework. It  provides a pragmatic pathway to build your vital Go To Market strategy in a collaborative and inclusive way.

If you are wondering who Go To Market Consulting is – well, it’s me



Strategic Go To Market


Positioning is at the heart of the strategic GTM. It brings your vision, purpose – your “why” to life. It is the most challengind part as it captures the complexity of market dynamics, competitive landscape and differentiation.

From there, the other elements flow. The key is that all are aligned around the same “true north” of the GTM pathway.

Without clarity at this level, execution in day to day operations can easily get distracted into other directions. GTM is a team play.





Guided by your vision, market dynamics and the competitive landscape your market positioning needs define a compelling place in your customer’s mind.

marketing strategy


A strategic marketing plan defines target markets, company  messaging, communication objectives and marketing competencies.

market fit


The value of your products and services is determined by your customers’ perception.
A strong product/market fit defines the ideal customer profile.

channel to market


Defining the sales channel and structure requires close alignment with the marketing structure. Shared objectives will foster collaboration and optimal results

business objectives


Measurable outcomes go beyond revenue and profit and reach into marketing, channel or finance domains to align objectives or reach qualitative milestones.

key indicators


Effective cadence to assure timely  information flow and decision making across hierarchies and functions will provide the visibility needed to remain agile.

Operational Go To Market


Based on the strategy, the operational framework defines “what” to focus on and “how” things are done . It simplifies complexity and breaks it down to logical interconnected building blocks across sales and marketing functions and owners. 

Sales and Marketing can runwith more clarity, focus and gain more confidence in results through repeatability and scalability of processes.

Most importantly it is always aligned with your organisations strategy and purpose. All elements are interconnected and impact each other. Strong alignment makes everything more impactful and enables agility for neverending change. 






CONNECTING Products and Markets through a comprehensive Go- to-Market strategy across direct or indirect channels.


FORMULA defining step by step the process with all stages and activities specific to your business.


CLARITY where the revenue will come from, chunking the big number into achievable, trackable targets.


ALIGNMENT between Marketing and Sales objectives for Lead Generation and buyer experience


ACCOUNTABILITY for the team defining roles, responsibilities, measures and territory definitions.


OPTIMIZE performance and increase forecast accuracy through effective sales management.

We go to market one step at the time


Range of GTM Framework Services

It can be difficult to look objectively at a situation when you are in the middle of it. Getting clarity where the quick wins are and how to start is essential. This unbiased deep-dive diagnostic shows you where the gaps are and will deliver an action plan tailored to your objectives. During structured, interactive workshops we look at the key areas of your Go To Market to determine where the greatest impact can be achieved.

Typically implemented over 2-3 weeks.
Budget Estimate: $6,500  + GST
Outcome: Comprehensive report containing analysis insights and recommendations.

If you want to start at the beginning and work through your GTM strategy will require the CEO and the  senior leadership team to participate.  Based on an initial assessment to understand where things are – his tailored program is a series of structured, highly interactive workshops tailored to your specific requirements and objectives. 

We can scope defined aspects only, such as Positioning or Sales Channel  – or the entire strategy framework. 

Typically implementation timeframe: 8-12 weeks (depending on complexity and stakeholder availability)
Outcome: a consice GTM strategy document covering all six building blocks of the framework. 

If your business has a solid GTM strategy and  wants to focus on building a scalable GTM operation across sales and marketing functions, this framework offers a clear path to achieve measurable outcomes over 3-6 months. An initial assessment will deliver a project plan and deliverables to take us from A to B in a structured and disciplined way. The process is based on high-energy, collaborative work with stakeholders.

We can scope specific aspects such as Sales Process or Structure, or look at the entire framework. 

Please enquire to obtain a proposal.

If you are looking for specific outcomes, for example you may want to work on Sales Process Optimisation or an Innovation initiative, we can scope your custom project with clear goals and deliverables. 

How we can work together


From A$ 900/month

We are looking for quick wins across your GTM approach. 

Regular weekly 1:1 business coaching sessions are subject to your priorities.

You benefit from dedicated, highly constructive time to work on your business rather than in your business.



On Demand

If your business has a specific requirement that calls for more bandwidth and GTM expertise  for strategy formulation or operational implementation we can scope what needs to be done.  

With project structure,  a collaborative approach engages your team towards defined outcomes and deliverables.


From A$ 2,800/month

As your business evolves all the time, ongoing access to GTM capability gives you the consistency and reliability to focus on what needs to be done without the start/stop of isolated project work.

Dedicated 2 days/month by your GTM expert can makes an impactful contribution (Subject to agreed scope & priorities)

What people say…..

"I have great respect for Ursula’s professionalism and expertise. Her no-nonsense insightful and cut-through advice is delivered with clarity, often through an injection of disarming metaphors and humour."

Andrew Nelson, Managing Director, Blue Ocean Strategy Australia

"Taking a refreshing, consultative approach, Ursula dug into our business, challenging all aspects of the sales process. She engaged with every member of staff in the Sales arena and delivered insights that we truly had not expected."

CEO Digital Agency

"We’ve achieved results that we could never have expected before. By being more systematic and structured in our approach, we’ve noticed results in a matter of a few weeks.

Aymeric Zito, CEO ProQuest Consulting

"Ursula has mastered the art of capturing and simplifying GoToMarket in complex environments. She helped me and more than 70 global customers to better understand our markets and build the right strategy and methodology to go-to-market and grow. This was invaluable to our business and a fantastic personal journey".

Loic Barancourt, CCO UnaBiz

"Ursula implemented successfully an entire re-positioning strategy within a very short period of time. Her ability to gain buy-in and mobilise the team, together with her people and stakeholder management skills made her an extremely effective change agent".

Ralph Stonell, Finance Executive


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